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Forget budgeting.

Save first, then spend the rest.

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Choose a savings amount

We help you determine how much you can comfortably save each month and how your choice impacts your future so you can be confident that you’re on track.

Choose your savings
Select smart savings goals

Whether it’s building an emergency fund, paying down debt, or building a general savings account, we help you choose the savings goals that you care about.

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We automate your savings

After each paycheck, we automatically move your savings into your FDIC-insured Gathering account and distribute the money among your chosen goals.

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You rest easy

We keep you updated on your achievements, and we notify you of opportunities where you can save more money and reach your goals faster.


Savings with benefits.

Save more money with less stress.

Serious Security
Serious security

Bank-level security and data encryption

Earn Intereste
Earn interest

Your money is put to work

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No hidden fees

Absolutely no hidden fees, period

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Easy access

Get to your money quickly and easily


Learn ways to grow your money faster along the way

Customer Support
Customer support

We’re always here to help answer technical and financial questions